What Camera Should I Use For My Live Stream?

As churches are producing and streaming digital content we’ve had many questions about what cameras we recommend. There are a lot of variables at play such as what platform you might be using (Zoom, Youtube/Facebook etc.), what expertise you have amongst your volunteers, as well as budget.

We’ve come together with a few of our professional friends to contribute some thoughts and recommendations for cameras that hopefully suit your live-streaming needs.

For the purposes of this post, we are assuming that you are using a computer and have the ability to feed an HDMI (or SDI as appropriate) input into the computer in a format that works for your platform of choice. We are also mostly ignoring audio, as we are assuming you will feed the audio either into the camera outlined here, or directly into the computer (with the ability to sync the audio up with the video feed).

We’ve also put together some handy package guidelines with rough prices that we would recommend which will hopefully give you a ballpark idea of what solution at what price point is suitable for you and your needs. If you have any questions about your setup, please do get in touch with the friendly team at OBT.

The Open Box Team

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Live Streaming Products That Can Help

By now most of you have heard of ‘live streaming’. Whether it is for church, school or university, it has become the new normal thing these days to participate in a live streamed event. Whilst laptops and phones are good starting points there are quick and in-expensive ways to improve your live streaming quality.

Open Box Technology has sourced some of the best products we think would help and improve the quality of your digital content. These items are in-stock and available to purchase now. Feel free to send us an email should you wish to purchase anything listed below.

Don’t forget we are here to help with any AV/Tech problems your organisation should any problems arise!

The Open Box Team

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Guide to Livestreaming your Church Service

With the recent Coronavirus outbreak and recommendations to limit gathering sizes, churches are having to rethink how they conduct regular gatherings. With increasing uncertainty over whether churches may be able to gather at all, it is increasingly necessary to consider online video options. This guide aims to provide some practical considerations when thinking about video and live streaming options, along with advice on the technical aspects of online video production.

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Doing AV for Christmas Events Well

For many churches, the annual Christmas and Carols services are some of the most attended and effective outreach services they will run each year. For this reason, they end up being some of the most prepared for and special services run, sometimes with extra decorations and elements. They can even be held outside in public spaces and heavily advertised to the community.

One question that is often neglected for these events is, ‘How will we do AV?’

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