What We’ve Done: Arundel House and St Anne’s Ryde

Open Box Technology was approached by Arundel House, a home for women students in Sydney’s university precinct, to assist with some IT issues. We are transitioning them from an old Windows Server handling emails and file storage, reconfiguring their internet connection and wifi network to provide greater stability and coverage, and generally making the IT system more usable and friendly.

St Anne’s Ryde also contacted us in regards to some significant issues with their on-site Windows Server.

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What Makes a Good Logo?

Chances are you’ve not spent much time thinking about the logos that surround us. Most people probably wouldn’t be able to explain what makes the Shell logo an enduring icon or why the 2010 GAP logo redesign was a misstep at best.  Most of us however have a sense of how important logos are, so lets have a look at what makes a logo good and how we can think about them most helpfully.

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