Simple and Cost Effective Audio Visual Systems

Audio Visual systems are often complex, expensive and daunting for the inexperienced. At Open Box Technology, we provide solutions to the most complex of problems. Our experienced team have the expertise to diagnose technical issues, design simple systems and advise the most cost effective solution.

We deal with a wide range of products, suppliers and brands. We select the most appropriate equipment to ensure your requirements and budgets are met. We look for quality, functionality, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

Our team seeks to take the hassle out of anything Audio Visual, whether it be designing and installing a new system, buying new equipment or servicing old equipment. Contact us today for more information.


We deal with a variety of brands for many different applications. If you are simply after a replacement or upgrade, we can ship directly to your door and let you take it from there. If you need help selecting a product, configuring or setting up the product, or learning how to use the product, we are here to help. We tailor our service to your needs in order to ensure you are up and running with confidence.

We provide excellent post sales support, from warranties to training and servicing. If you have a question, we are only a phone call or email away. Contact us for a quote on any equipment you need.

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Our experienced AV team is able to jump in to any situation and deliver great results. From designing a full AV system from scratch to expanding an existing system to upgrading parts of an out-dated system, we have expertise and knowledge that is invaluable. We work with you to ensure the requirements are correctly communicated, budgets are met and logistics are handled.

We handle all aspects of the installation, from selecting the right equipment to ensuring it is installed correctly. We bring in the relevant contractors when required, whether they be electricians or acousticians. We value solutions that work for your team of operators, will last for years to come and provide for all future flexibility.



Training and Documentation

We have run a number of training sessions for church sound and technical volunteers. We have material that can cover a wide range of abilities, from the novice to the advanced user. In particular, we focus on what it means to do sound at church, encouraging the volunteers to think beyond the technical aspects of this ministry. Our sessions are usually around 2 hours in length, although we are flexible to ensure it is the most effective session for your requirements.

Additionally, we provide documentation for your systems, including cheat sheets and guides. These can often be a valuable addition to any system, enabling the novice user to feel supported and confident in their ability.


Servicing and Maintenance

Our technicians are able to assess and repair equipment onsite. When there are larger issues that require bench servicing, we are able to arrange the servicing for you with the minimum of disruption. We often are able to arrange loan units to temporarily replace essential gear while it is being serviced.

We also are able to do periodical preventative maintenance. This includes testing and logging of equipment and cables, cleaning of relevant parts such as projector filters and audio amplifiers as well as checks of projector lamp life, light globes and other common parts that cause failures.

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We provide technical assistance, management and equipment for events. Our experience ranges from small and simple events to large carols services and even concerts. We are able to source equipment from our suppliers or from our inventory for any type of event, often choosing to supplement existing equipment and systems with additional gear.

Equipment is only half the battle, so we supply technicians to run the equipment where needed. Our technicians are well versed in ensuring all technical and logistical aspects are covered, regardless of the situation. Our aim is to ensure your event runs smoothly and achieves the outcomes you require.