Live Streaming Products That Can Help

By now most of you have heard of ‘live streaming’. Whether it is for church, school or university, it has become the new normal thing these days to participate in a live streamed event. Whilst laptops and phones are good starting points there are quick and in-expensive ways to improve your live streaming quality.

Open Box Technology has sourced some of the best products we think would help and improve the quality of your digital content. These items are in-stock and available to purchase now. Feel free to send us an email should you wish to purchase anything listed below.

Don’t forget we are here to help with any AV/Tech problems your organisation should any problems arise!

The Open Box Team

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4 Quick Tips To lmprove Online Content

And just like that almost every platform went digital.

Welcome to 2020, the year where everyone had to figure out how to zoom, how to live stream and how to get on with life whilst being stuck inside all day. Over the last few months OBT has been helping churches, schools and individuals get their technology up to date with the latest needs for digital content.

By now, most organisations have figured out how to live-stream and produce digital content (if you haven’t you should check out digital resources page) and we thought it might be helpful if we gave 4 quick tips on how to make it even better! Here it goes…

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