Digital Content Resources

The world is becoming increasingly digital and due to recent health events, the need for online digital content has become more important than ever. Over the past few weeks, the Open Box team has become increasingly busy providing assistance to churches, businesses and educational groups in this field. We have compiled a list of online resources that we think will be helpful in getting your organisation, church or business online quickly. We hope that these resources will help you in some way and should you require more assistance please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What do I need to know about Live Streaming?

Check out our latest article that we’ve written about live streaming. It covers a widespread of options and provides quick solutions for getting your content online in regards to platforms, gear and software.
Geneva Push has also created quite a helpful resource to get you started that is also worth a read.
Another helpful article is The Gospel Coalition’s practical guide to live streaming.

Are there licencing issues if I play music on a webcast?

Yes, you will need to think about licencing if you are streaming any kind of music. The licencing requirements will depend on whether you are streaming something someone else has recorded or something you are playing live.
The most likely scenario is you playing music like you normally would on a Sunday. This will require your normal CCLI licence with the CCLI streaming licence in addition. However, a number of publishers have given permission for their songs to be used without a licence (eg. Emu Music and Sovereign Grace), so if you stick to these songs you won’t need the licencing. There are a number of other issues and complexities, and you still may have trouble with the Youtube or Facebook copyright algorithm taking your stream down. If you have questions, please contact us!

We don’t even have internet!

Live streaming, webinars, digital content and instant messaging are all useless if you don’t have access to the internet. If you are in Australia and don’t have internet access, our friends from Real World Technical Solutions can get you online very quickly and at quite a good price.

I don’t know how to face-to-face using my phone or computer!

Human contact is a wonderful gift, unfortunately right now this is becoming harder and hard to do. Digital face-to-face time with your church family and community is a great way to stay connected and encourage each other in this hard time. At first, this process can seem confusing and frustrating but there are some easy step-by-step resources that can help.

I want to provide a more interactive experience with my digital content

If you are looking for something different to online videos and live streaming then we would suggest checking out Zoom. Zoom is a simple and effective option for providing an interactive experience to your audience and there are plenty of helpful resources to get you started. Zoom also offers a feature called ‘break out rooms’ which enables your online session to group into different clusters that can be accessed individually as well as grouped together into a large audience. This is a great feature if you would like to interact personally with your audience and also encourages participants to interact with each other in their separate clusters. Zoom break out rooms is a great feature and is very simple to implement. The University of Sydney has been using Zoom for many of their online classes and lectures with great success. They have created very helpful material to help students get started as well as how to join meetings. Please contact us if you would like access to these documents.

What do you think of church specific online software?

There is a lot of church specific online software out there and they all try to achieve similar goals however some do it better than others. We think that Church Online Platform is great and have been happy with it so far. It is easy to set up, simple to use, encourages community and is free! It also has church specific features like live chat, live prayer and synced streaming.

How do I get better audio?

There are a number of ways to get better audio for your digital content, but it will depend on what setup you have. The most common ways will be to:

  • Plug a USB microphone like a Blue Yeti directly into your laptop (where there are one or two people speaking in front of a laptop)
  • Plug a microphone into your camera (if you are using a camera like a Canon XA30)
  • Get an output from an audio console into your livestreaming capture device (if you are using something like a Black Magic Web Presenter)
  • Get an output from an audio console into an Audio Interface (or just use the interface) such as the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

If you need more information, or need to purchase gear, please contact us.

How do I use Online Broadcasting Software?

OBS is a great software to use and is quite simple to set up. But don’t get discouraged if you can’t get it to work the first time as there are lots of great resources that can help and some even teach you how to incorporate a zoom meeting into OBS.

I am currently using OBS but am having difficulty displaying notes or lyrics on the screen simultaneously.

You may be in the position of wanting to enhance your video content experience by providing notes or lyrics on your screen at the same time as providing a video feed. There are quite a few different ways of achieving this result however we found the most straight forward way of doing this is by using OBS and NDI Scan Converter. This will enable you to super-impose images over another with minimal latency or lag. This concept may seem quite advanced and daunting but there are plenty of helpful resources to get you up to speed as well as the Open Box team are always here to assist in any way we can.

What does Open Box Technology Recommend? 

This is a good question and every church, organisation and school is different with different needs. For a straight forward and user-friendly experience that doesn’t require too much fiddling we would recommend using the Mevo Plus. This is a high-resolution camera that requires little setup and can live stream or record to software for later distribution at the click of a button. Open Box Technology provides and can install these units so please don’t hesitate to contact us for pricing.

Still Need Help?

Getting the right software and applications for your digital content is extremely helpful in engaging with your target audience. We understand that getting your organisation’s content online can be quite difficult and confusing and we are here to help. We can help you assess your requirements, select appropriate applications and configure new systems to make the transition of providing digital content online as simple and effective as possible