What We’ve Done: Arundel House and St Anne’s Ryde

Open Box Technology was approached by Arundel House, a home for women students in Sydney’s university precinct, to assist with some IT issues. We are transitioning them from an old Windows Server handling emails and file storage, reconfiguring their internet connection and wifi network to provide greater stability and coverage, and generally making the IT system more usable and friendly.

St Anne’s Ryde also contacted us in regards to some significant issues with their on-site Windows Server. This server was significantly out of date and was starting to malfunction. This affected their ability to send and receive emails, along with access their file system and printing network.

Both Arundel House and St Anne’s Ryde are now using Microsoft Office 365 for email hosting and file storage, allowing a much more reliable service and reducing the lifetime cost of their IT requirements. This cloud-based solution is accessible from any computer connected to the internet and is easily adapted to changing requirements, such as changes to staffing.

The new Arundel House wifi network is a Ubiquiti Unifi solution, which is a very cost-effective, robust, and scalable solution. The new network has significantly increased the coverage of the wifi network, as well as provided a single network for the residents to connect to, rather than multiple networks around the facility. The network can be extended to fill growing needs and is ready to cater for higher speed connections once they become available.

We’re really on board with the work that both Arundel House and St Anne’s Ryde are doing, so we where pleased to be able to work with and help both.

We’ve found working with Open Box Technology have made things so much easier here at Arundel House. The guys have listened well and provided simple and effective solutions that just work, and don’t cost the earth. It’s so good to know we can rely on them and the help they will provide into the future.

Mandy Curly
Arundel House.