Some Helpful Online Tools

A while ago I wrote about becoming a Robo-Pastor. In Part 2 of that post I outlined a number of tools, particularly online tools, that can help ministry staff increase their efficiency and effectiveness. I thought I might take this opportunity to add a couple of helpful admin tools to that list. They may not necessarily be helpful in your situation, and they all do different things, but I think they are all tools that are at least worth a look.

Online Tools Logos

Taking minutes in meetings can be a difficult task. is great online tool that is designed to make taking minutes a lot easier. Even better, you can use it for free if you only need the basic features, or sign up for $9 a month if you want custom branding and other features.

Is scheduling a meeting with a person or multiple people something you avoid because it is too hard to find a time when everyone is free? An online tool with a weird name can help you out. is a very simple and free tool that allows you to easily schedule a meeting time. Insert a number of dates and times and have all the members of the meeting submit their availability for all options at once. It even sends you an email when someone has submitted a response.

Passing on missed call information or logging phone calls is often a daily struggle. CallPlease seeks to make this process much easier. Some great features allowing this information to be tracked and assigned makes CallPlease a nice option for ministry teams.

One tool I mentioned in Part 2 of the Robo-Pastor series, but I think deserves mention here, is the free tool. This allows you to unsubscribe to all those pesky email subscriptions in a straightforward and easy way. It also can ‘roll up’ emails into a single daily email, allowing you to reduce the email clutter in your inbox. Arriving at work with less emails in your inbox is a delight!