At Open Box Technology we love it when we see technology used in a way that helps, supports or encourages churches and christians. This is particularly encouraging when we find something that addresses a specific need in a well designed, intuitive and innovative way. PrayerMate is exactly that kind of technology.


PrayerMate is an application for both iOS and Android that seeks to help you pray for the people and causes you care about. Its simple, index card based design is sleek, intuitive and flexible. It is feature packed, allowing you to customise the app to suit your prayer routine and situation. In the case where you have no routine or are just particularly flakey in your prayer life (like myself), the app is an easy way to settle in to a regular and edifying prayer life.

There are many great features, from setting reminders to pray at specific times to having configurable priorities on different subjects. There is almost guaranteed to be a feature that you find helpful in developing and sustaining a wonderful prayer life. Best of all, it is continually in development, so new features and revisions are added from time to time, essentially meaning the app will get better and better.

For more information, there is a helpful review with lots of tips here, or you can watch the introductory video:

I hope (and pray) that I will find more applications or technology solutions that are as beneficial as PrayerMate. When I do I will be sure to share them here!