What We’ve Done: Christ Church Gladesville

CCG Stained Glass Windows

Christ Church Gladesville recently approached Open Box Technology to help them upgrade their Video system. We installed two things: a new HD system consisting of two new LCD screens allowing the preacher and singers to see song words from the stage; and, a Black Magic Designs 16×16 SDI matrix to allow easy distribution of video signals across the two new screens, the existing projection screen and the preview monitor. This system doesn’t just meet current needs but will also allow easy expansion in the future, allowing screens in more locations to be fed a range of signals.

We have also recently replaced their projector and screen, upgrading to a widescreen (16×9) solution with a slightly bigger screen. The 16×9 image fits well with the new HD video system.

“Nick and the Open Box team know and understand the unique A/V needs of a church. We needed to upgrade our visual projection system (switcher, screen and foldback monitors) for greater reliability, flexibility and quality. Their experience and focus meant that they were able to understand exactly what we were trying to do, make helpful suggestions, explain the options and help us design the system that would best serve our church. They helped us to understand the technology and only suggested what would actually be useful and helpful for us as we seek to proclaim the gospel clearly.

They were also able to work out staggered solutions that allowed us to start smaller but with a flexible and scalable options for the future. We have been enjoying the fruit of greater reliability, flexibility and quality as we use visuals during our various services to support making Jesus known.”

Ashley Crane & Morgan Renew (Magnification Pastor), Christ Church Gladesville

Projector at CCGNick Utber WorkingAV work at CCG 2AV work at CCG

For more information about Christ Church Gladesville, please visit their website.