What We’ve Done: Growing Global Churches

Growing Global Churches (GGC) is a ministry helping grow the local churches involvement in global mission. They help pastors and churches who want to grow their involvement in God’s global mission by inspiring, facilitating, resourcing and mentoring them in order to develop a culture of mission within their church.

Open Box Technology (OBT) has been working with GGC to help them visually communicate in a way which is honest and appealing.

We started with a graphic mark that suggests movement like that of ripples spreading across a globe. This brings to mind the global spread of the gospel, a core part of what GGC is trying to achieve. The graphic mark incorporates the initials of the organisation while the complete logo also includes the words “Growing Global Churches”. Both the graphic alone and the complete logo have been implemented as a black version, a colour version and a white version.

GGC logoGGC logo colour varieties

In order to have the GGC logo communicate the organisation honestly, we worked throughout the process to make sure the colours and font matched GGC’s tone. The rich greens where chosen for their connotations of growth and vibrance. We also wanted the logo to communicate clarity, straightforwardness and simplicity. To achieve this whilst allowing GGC to recreate the text elements themselves in a variety of situations, we designed a few versions using either inexpensive or preloaded fonts. We finally settled on the friendly and modern, Century Gothic, (which helpfully comes bundled with Microsoft Office).

The process of designing a logo for GGC was highly iterative, with ideas and revisions being sent back and forth. In order to create a logo that worked in a variety of situations and on a variety of backgrounds, we worked primarily on the coloured version, whilst making sure at every stage that the logo also worked in black and white.

OBT has continued to help GGC with visual communication. We have created business cards and are in the process of building more promotional material, including a backdrop and handout for the upcoming ReachOut mission conference.

GGC Business Card