What We’ve Done: St Martin’s Kensington

Sometimes small upgrades can make a big difference. Check out what we did at St Martin’s Kensington Eastlake Church.

Unfortunately projectors don’t last forever. You can keep them alive longer with a bulb change but after a while it’s sometimes just better to replace the whole thing. And that’s what we did at St Martins.
We replaced the existing projector with an Epson G7500 pro projector. For the throw distance (12 metres), screen width (4 metres) and amount fo light needed due to the rear window the G7500 was the perfect choice.

We also installed a Marshall CV503 camera to provide a live video feed to the cry rooms. The camera was installed just above the confidence monitor which provided good coverage of the stage and pulpit. We also installed new speakers in the new cry rooms with seperate volume controls

St Martins is part of the Kensington Eastlake Anglican Church and hold a multiple of services at different locations on Sundays . For more information visit their website.