What We’ve Done: Appin Anglican Church

Appin Anglican (part of Rosemeadow-Appin Anglican Churches) approached Open Box Technology to see if we could provide some visual solutions for their main church building. Check out what we’ve done.

Open Box Technology replaced the existing projection system with a new Epson 2665U projector arm-mounted from the side wall. We also installed a new 100 inch Gripview fix framed projection screen. The video signal from the presentation computer was split using a black magic updown cross unit and the feed was sent via SDI cable in trunking to the projector and the rear foldback monitor

We also installed a CV503 Marshall Camera next to the rear feedback monitor. The camera provides live footage of the main stage to an overflow room in the adjacent hall. SDI cabling was run from the church into the overflow room and into a wall mounted television.

Rosemeadow-Appin Anglican Churches hold a multiple of services at different locations on Sundays . For more information visit there website.