What We’ve Done: Jannali Congregational

Jannali Congregational Church approached Open Box Technology to help them upgrade their AV system. Check out what we did at Jannali Congregational Church.

We installed a 130″ motorised projector screen on the back wall and an Epson 2665u projector into the ceiling.

We replaced their existing speakers with new QSC Acoustic Design column speakers. They sound fantastic and are very discreet. Can you find them in the picture above?

To power the new column speakers two QSC GXD4 power amplifiers were installed and we replaced the old sound desk with a digital Allen and Heath Qupac and iPad. The Qupac is a rack mounted mixer that is controlled remotely by an iPad and wifi router. Because the Qupac is digital we can store presets for different church settings which can be recalled at any time. Gone are the days when someone played with all the sliders and

A Univox PLS-X1 Hearing Loop and an inDesign BMA120 power amplifier were installed to assist in audio accessibility.

We also installed new wireless receivers for headset and lapel microphones. All these new items were installed into a shiny new 22ru Rack

A 43″ television was mounted on an articulating bracket a few rows down the church as a confidence monitor for the stage.

We also re-purposed the old speakers to function as delay speakers for the back half of the room as well as installed some

Jannali Congregation Church holds services at 10am on Sundays . For more information visit their website.