What We’ve Done: Kirkplace Presbyterian

Recently, Open Box Technology (OBT) was asked by Kirk Place Presbyterian to tidy and simplify their existing system as well as install multiple screens in their auditorium space that could cater various functions and uses.

OBT installed a total of 5 screens at Kirk Place. A new projector was installed centre stage between the existing projectors projecting onto the rear wall. A 65” television was installed in the centre of the hall on the audience side of the new projector. Two existing displays located in the rear section of the hall were replaced with new 50” TV’s. A 30″ television was also provided with a custom wooden box to house the screen and allow for easy mobility.

We also installed an SDI output wall plate and power outlet on stage that would enable an additional input to be connected into the system. A video input at the AV desk was installed enabling video to be routed to any of the screens.

Black Magic SDI to HDMI converter units were supplied for each screen and all the SDI cabling for each input and output unit will return to a new Black Magic 12×12 Cleanswitch, located in the AV rack in the storeroom side of stage. This device allows for 12 input and 12 output connections, with any input capable of being routed to any output. 

Kirk Place facilities are available for hire for events and functions. For more information visit their website.