What We’ve Done: Elvanto Migration, Setup and Training

Over the last few years Open Box Technology has worked with a number of churches to provide migration assistance, setup help and training for the Church Member Database called Elvanto. We have helped transition from previous member databases; online, software based or even old excel spreadsheets. We have assisted in thinking through how Elvanto should be set up in the specific context of the church, as well as the training of staff or volunteers in how to use the database.

Elvanto Group Shot

We’ve helped both St Paul’s Carlingford and Christ Church St Ives migrate their member database from Church Community Builder to Elvanto. Our developers linked the backend of each database in order to quickly migrate all the relevant information across to the new system.

We know that databases are sometimes daunting so we made sure we supported both Churches through the transition. We spent time with a few of the staff of each church helping set up the Elvanto system in a tailored, meaningful way and demonstrating how to use the database effectively. At St Paul’s, Nick also conducted a training session for a large selection of volunteers and leaders in the church.

“We’re so thankful for the work that Open Box technology did in helping us migrate all our data from CCB to Elvanto! They worked hard to understand the ministry that we do and the data that we keep track of in order to ensure a seamless transition from one system to the other. We felt like we were in very safe hands through the entire migration process – Nick helped us ask the right questions before the migration and ensured that when we changed over to Elvanto, we were able to navigate it well from day one. Nick is easy to work with, always willing to answer questions and is quick to troubleshoot any problems that come up. The whole process would have been a lot more stressful and complicated without the help and expertise of Open Box.”

Lyn Adamson, Christ Church St Ives

Nowra Baptist Church migrated from an old self-contained Pastoral Care system running on the admin computer at the office. With the new Elvanto system, the database is now accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

All Saints Petersham recently moved from Easy Jethro to Elvanto and asked us to provide some training and setup assistance. Nick spent a morning going through the system with them and was able to guide them into feeling comfortable about the system.

“It was excellent having someone who knew the Elvanto system so that we could set it up right first time. It was like having a personal tour guide as we navigated our way around the software. brilliant!”

Mike Dicker, All Saints Petersham