What We’ve Done: Ashfield Presbyterian

What do you do when you need a screen and the only suitable spot is where 20 foot heritage-listed organ is located? Open Box Technology loves a good challenge! Check out what we did at Ashfield Presbyterian!

Ashfield Presbyterian Church approached OBT with a serious challenge. They were in need of a projection system. However, the church is over 25 meters long and there is a beautiful heritage listed 20 foot organ in the centre of stage. This organ is still used for special services.
Through a lot of brainstorming and designing OBT managed to design and fabricate a collapsable 150″ screen to sit just in front of the organ. It can be removed swiftly for those times that the organ is needed for services.

The projection throw was quite long (over 25 metres!) so we needed to install a heavy duty Epson EBG7500U projector fitted with a Long Throw lens in the mezzanine at the back of the church. Just underneath the projector we installed a 75″ Samsung television as a confidence monitor for those up the front. 

SDI cabling with black magic converters were installed to connect the media control desk to the projector and foldback screen which were fed under the floor of the church and up the back wall of the mezzanine.

“Open Box did a thoroughly professional job, from measuring up, being on top of all the technical options, recommending a preferred option for our difficult space, quoting very competitively, being flexible with timing because of our church’s decision-making process, and installing quickly with minimal disruption to our operations. I’d recommend them to anyone!” – Sen. Minister David Balzer

Ashfield Presbyterian holds a multiple of services on Sundays in a variety of languages. For more information visit there website.