What We’ve Done: A Church Music Director’s Handbook

We had the opportunity to work on Mountain Street Media‘s (MSM) new book “A Church Music Director’s Handbook.  We handled designing the cover, and typesetting the contents, producing two versions of each. One for print and one for screen view as an eBook.

This project was handled by our designers, Beth Abbottsmith and Toby Knights. The first step of the process was to talk with Andrew Judd (who was handling the project from the MSM side) about the book and get a feel for it’s content. Toby then conceptualised a cover that was in keeping with the feel of this book and the existing MSM catalogue. Once the cover had been parsed by Andrew, Toby began polishing the front and back covers for printing, while Beth got to work typesetting the inside of the book. Beth used the fonts and assets laid out by the cover, and referenced the internal layout of previous MSM books in order to have the book feel consistent with itself and the rest of the MSM catalogue.

After working through a few iterations of the book in consultation with Andrew, the print version was ready to be sent to the publisher. We then moved on to building the eBook version. This involved remaking the cover image for screen viewing, and setting (and testing) the parameters required for an .epub file.

We’re proud of the book we got to build with MSM. It was exciting for us to work with them on a project that we firmly believe will strengthen and build the ministry of many Churches.


If you’d like to own a copy of “A Church Music Director’s Handbook” you can find it on Mountain Street Media’s website, or by clicking here.

If you’d like to talk to us about design or typesetting we’d love to hear from you!