Who We Are

Our skilled and experienced staff are friendly, approachable and motivated to make the most of every opportunity to use technology to make ministry more effective.

We’re always seeking to improve our own understanding and skills so that we can develop new ways to help churches bring the gospel to the world.

We endeavour to provide affordable, relevant and useful services in order to give our clients what they require with the budget they have available. Our innovative approach and ministry experience allow us to find this balance.

Nick Utber


Nick has been a church sound guy for as long as he can remember. He has worked in the AV industry since leaving school, while also completing a degree in Audio Engineering. He has worked at many events including the London Olympics, and can also be regularly seen helping out at many Christian events and conventions. Nick is excited about using his knowledge and expertise in the professional AV world to assist, develop and enhance Christian Ministry.

James Lang

(Projects Manager)

James has a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Science. He’s been involved in the AV industry for years working at 5 star hotels and using those skills for Christain events and conferences through the Sydney Uni Evangelical Union and Katoomba Christian Conferences. James has been breaking and fixing computers since he was young, and greatly enjoys bringing all these skills together to serve the Church.

David Nolan


David has a Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology from the University of Sydney. He has been involved with the development of mobile applications and websites for both government and commercial interests, as well as in the nonprofit sector. He has a Moore College diploma, and loves bringing his skills to bear in christian ministry, including for his other employer Global Recordings Network.

Beth Abbottsmith Portrait

Beth Abbottsmith

(Graphic and Web Design)

Beth is a graphic designer and typesetter as well as a church administrator with a background in communications. Beth previously worked for Youthworks Media where she contributed to extensive media and publishing projects. She now works at both Open Box Technology and St James Anglican Church, Croydon. Beth loves to see others feel equipped to serve the Lord and finds great joy in helping this happen.

Evan Brown

(Account Manager)

Over the past 10 years Evan has worked many different roles on staff at many different churches – young adults pastor, Creative Director, Sunday’s coordinator and volunteer liaison. Having studied jazz performance at The Conservatorium of Music as well as divinity at SMBC we are excited to have Evan on the OBT team as he understands churches and their needs well. He’s also passionate about mixed martial arts and is a qualified personal trainer. So if you need tips on on how to do the perfect chin up or take down, he’s your guy!

Tom Blackwell

(Technical Support)

Tom is our resident friendly giant. He has studied Live Production at TAFE, and been involved in tech at school and church all his life. Tom has previously worked in a caretaker role at St Andrew’s Cathedral. Tom’s parents are missionaries in Bulgaria, and Tom spent a few years in Sofia during high school.

Chris Raymond

(Customer Service)

Chris worked alongside the Open Box Technology team, when they shared offices in his Uni ministry days with Credo. A practicing artist, musical tinkerer and all-round nice guy he loves using his creative, out-of-the-box thinking to help people and serve God. Chris has joined the team as our customer support man, so when he’s not in the studio painting, he’ll be responding to all your tech support needs and improving the way Open Box Technology supports you!

Stuart Spires

(Event Technician)

Stuart has an Advanced Diploma in Audio Engineering, a Bachelor of Arts(hons.) and a Masters of Urban and Regional Planning(hons.). Stuart learned how to mix bands in the legendary King St studio formerly owned by Alberts Music. After a long dalliance with tertiary education, and many years in administrative, customer service & research rolls in a wide range of corporate and not-for-profit and church organisations, Stuart has come full circle and realised that what he really loves doing is plugging in mic cables and making bands sound great. With what little hearing he has left he serves the community at St Barnabas Broadway. Married with 2 kids, he is not available for children’s parties. No job too small, no remuneration to large.


Things We Love

At OBT we need coffee to survive. A day without coffee is a sad day indeed.

To get our fix, we use Ministry Grounds coffee. They offer high quality, traceable, ethically sourced coffees (roasted or green). Check them out!

Dave, who owns Ministry Grounds says “I thank Jesus that he made both coffee and the people I drink it with.” Amen Dave. Amen.

Communicate Jesus  is a wonderful collection of blogs written to resource and enable churches to use online technology better in their communication of Jesus. The author, Steve Kryger, has worked as a Pastor, Social Media Strategist and as an Online Marketing Manager. His insight into the world of online technology and how it can be used by churches is extremely helpful, intelligent and detailed.

We find many of the articles helpful in thinking about technology strategy across the board. We also use many of the products outlined on the website, and are often excited to hear about new products Steve discusses.

GRN produces audio visual materials for evangelism and bible teaching in every language. These materials are available for free on their website, and are also provided through mobile applications they have developed. Through the use of technology, the gospel is able to be told to communities throughout the world, regardless of distance, poverty and language barriers.

This combination of technology and gospel is something OBT strongly identifies with, and it demonstrates the success of bringing Christ into the 21st Century.

Partner with GRN today by visiting their website.

We have previously worked with Logosdor on some of their fundraiser events. They do some amazing work creating media and creative content for kids ministries. Some of the stories they have as a result of this work are amazing. We highly recommend their ministry and resources.

Click here to visit their website

At OBT we love infographics. We think they are a great way of conveying information in a way that is accessible and memorable.

Mark from Visual Unit makes infographics that will be immensely useful for many ministry applications. Bible studies, one-to-one’s and evangelism will all be assisted with the use of these images.

Check them out!

Music We Love

At OBT we like music. We like singing in the office, humming while programming, whistling while sending emails or annoying our colleagues by playing air guitar during meetings. There is nothing better than singing songs together at church, rocking out to some bangers, or getting the vibe just right with something a bit more chilled. We’re glad that God loves music, and reckon music is for sharing. So here is a collection of what we are loving at the moment:

Church Tunes: