What We’ve Done: Wedding Livestream

Weddings are a wonderful and joyous event. However, in the 2020 world of pandemics and social distancing, live streaming is one more thing to stress about when creating the perfect day. Don’t worry, Open Box Technology is here to help.

Susannah and Toulia approached Open Box Technology to help live stream their wedding. Like most engaged couples, they wanted to share the event with friends and family online. To make their wedding accessible to the hearing impaired, Susannah and Toulia requested that an Auslan interpreter be featured in the live stream. Open Box Technology created a ‘picture-in-picture’ live stream with one picture of the actual wedding event and one of the interpreter. 

The wedding live stream also required pre-recorded musical items to be played at different points of the wedding but also still needed to feature the interpreter using the ‘picture-in-picture’ feed.

We also recorded the feed from each camera and post-edited the footage together so Susannah could have a digital copy of her wedding at a much higher quality than what a live stream presents at.

“Open Box Technology comes highly recommended! We asked Open Box Technology to livestream our wedding, as we have a lot of friends overseas and it was really important to us to have a reliable livestream of the whole ceremony. To make matters even more complicated, we had sign language interpreters for some deaf friends, and this needed to be edited into the livestream as a “picture in picture” in real time. It went beautifully. Everyone I dealt with from start to finish was helpful, cheerful and knowledgeable. A last minute video added to the ceremony on the morning of the wedding was no stress at all. Amazing. I would definitely use Open Box Technology again!” – Susannah Macready

Every wedding is different and there are many different ways to live stream a wedding. If you are looking to live stream a wedding or event please contact us. We’d love to create a live-streaming solution for you.