IT Expertise You Can Trust

Adopting the right IT infrastructure, both software and hardware, is crucial to creating an organisation that functions as best as is it possibly can. The team at Open Box Technology has the know-how that is able create an IT experience that is smooth, seamless, stable and frustration free.

We understand that getting IT infrastructure right can be a challenge, so we endeavour to make the process as hassle free as possible. We assess your needs, select the right software, configure your systems and are there to support you if problems arise. We value simple and integrable systems in order to create an environment that accessible and functional.

Our world today is connected and enabled by the internet. We are firm believers in tools that allow for easy collaboration, sharing and innovation. Church management systems, productivity tools and mobile applications are incredible assets that can be used to empower effective ministry. Our team can help bring these tools to life in your organisation.


Getting the right software and applications for your team is extremely helpful in enabling productive and effective work. With internet connectivity, cloud storage and collaboration can allow easy sharing of documents without the hassles of emailing documents and having multiple versions floating around. Collaboration tools allow to do lists and conversations to happen on the go with visibility across the team.

Church member databases are systems that help track the contact details of people in your church. These systems have become very sophisticated and now enable you to manage many aspects of your church life, including groups, volunteering and rostering, service planning and some financial details. Using these systems will make administration a lot easier and less time consuming, which will free up staff to focus on other tasks.

We can help you configure and implement new software systems. We help you assess your requirements, select appropriate applications and configure the new systems. We also can help you transition and migrate between different systems. We often deal with and use software such as Elvanto, Google Apps, Microsoft Office365 and Slack.



We provide and configure IT systems from computer systems and peripherals to networking infrastructure such as WiFi and security cameras. We ensure stability in the system by supplying quality equipment and conducting tests onsite. From designing the system to implementing all the equipment to supplying the contractors required to install the infrastructure, we have you covered.

IT infrastructure can also be used to improve many technologies, for instance traditional phone systems can be replaced with VOIP systems to simplify systems and reduce costs. We bring the power of IT to your organisation in a secure and cost effective system, implemented according to your needs.