What Makes a Good Logo?

Chances are you’ve not spent much time thinking about the logos that surround us. Most people probably wouldn’t be able to explain what makes the Shell logo an enduring icon or why the 2010 GAP logo redesign was a misstep at best.  Most of us however have a sense of how important logos are, so lets have a look at what makes a logo good and how we can think about them most helpfully.

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Joyful Service as a Professional Techie

Being a ‘professional techie’ in a church (e.g. a full time Audio Engineer serving on the sound roster) is a hard burden to bear. High expectations abound, but without the understanding or budget to back it up. In such conditions, it can also be hard to not be on the roster for duties every week. As a result, it is not surprising that many of us professional techies suffer from burnout and bitterness in our church ministry, and sometimes make big efforts to steer clear of any ‘work related’ ministry.

Even in the best of situations, as someone who does technical work day in and day out, it can be hard to slot into technical ministry in a church. Being on the team like everyone else is a great way to serve, but is that the best use of our God given skills? Is it the best way to steward our gifts?

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